Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer Conlanging Project

I am too old to go to camp, so I've decided to do a summer conlanging project between May 26 and August 26. I realize that's not the usual range for "summer," but August 26 is my first day of classes for the next semester, so that's the end of my summer.

I want to create something I can learn and use as I go over this summer. A priori, but nothing too exotic, then. I am going to do a little prep work over the next week to make the jump start a little easier-- I'll work out some general idea of what I want it to look and sound like, and I would like to start with a list of roots/concepts to be created first for the sake of getting off to a quick start. I may do a little research before I get started, too, to help me narrow my focus and work out a general plan.

And I think I will post stuff here as I go. Conlanging isn't great as a spectator sport, but (a) I welcome any suggestions or participation from anyone who comes along, and (b) I know a few people will be interested.

I am looking forward to giving it a better name than "summer conlanging project".

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